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In Kathmandu we stay in the Park Village Resort Hotel, only 7 km from downtown Kathmandu. It is set in 6 acres of pristine woodland, and boasts a magnificent swimming pool, four-star rooms with bathrooms, and wonderful food. From our hotel it is a 15 minute taxi ride to the centre of Kathmandu.

Lodging on the trail has improved considerably over recent years. The lodges we stay in are of a high standard. They offer private bedrooms, and feature warm dining/lounge areas which have a wonderful atmosphere and provide an excellent place to relax with your fellow trekkers.


Nepal is a melting pot of many cultures, and consequently offers a variety of food, from the spicy Indian-influenced curry dishes to the more bland Tibetan fare, plus the option of western style meals.

Our breakfasts offer cereals, porridge, eggs, toast or chapatti. Every trekking day we stop for a lunch of noodle soup, riggi potato or Tibetan bread and cheese, and a delicious hot lemon tea. Dinner is based around a starter of hearty soup, and a meal of fresh vegetables, rice, potatoes and noodles, accompanied by meat or chicken. Interspersed during the day we will have plenty of hot drinks, biscuits and the odd chocolate bar!

One dish that stands out from the many different regional variations, and has come to symbolize Nepal’s cuisine, is dal-bhad-tarkari (abbreviated to dal-bhad). Dal is a thick lentil soup, eaten with rice (bhad), and accompanied by vegetable curry (tarkari) and pickles (achar) which enhance the flavour of an otherwise plain dish. Dal-bhad is a favourite of trekkers.

We have a large carbohydrate intake with the food we eat, and most people find it unnecessary to take supplementary snack food.