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There are endless opportunities to take a wonderful photographic record of your trek. Most trekkers bring digital cameras and/or video, although some still prefer film cameras. SLR cameras, with their increased telephoto capability, can record outstanding images.

It is unlikely that you will be able to purchase extra memory cards while on your Trek, so make sure you bring plenty with you. These can be purchased in Kathmandu before departure for your trek, although our advice would be to bring enough with you from home.

There are opportunities at most lodges on the trail to recharge camera batteries, particularly as the cold can often reduce the charge in batteries. You will need a plug adaptor; these are available in Kathmandu.

Tips to help conserve battery life for digital cameras are:

  • minimize reviewing of photos on LCD screen;
  • use the eyepiece rather than the LCD screen to take photos or video;
  • bring spare batteries if you have them;
  • keep your spare batteries warm by wrapping them in clothing.

Camera buffs bring with them filters to enhance the light conditions, and  lightweight tripods to get those really steady shots.

In the event you would like to know more about photographic matters, send us a General Enquiry as we can put you in touch with New Zealand-based professional photographer, Daron Graham, who has trekked with us and is happy to share his knowledge and experience.