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"It allowed me to see perspective on life; seeing how little these people have I realise how lucky I am."
Briana Miller, Southland Girls' High School, Invercargill; Youth to Everest, April 2017
"I have come back stronger. I have a wider perspective on the world, a greater cultural awareness and an appreciation of what I have."
Emily Hacket Pain, St Cuthburt's College, Auckland; Youth to Everest, April 2017
"The whole experience made me open my eyes to how little some people have yet they continue with a smile and positive attitude.  The trip challenged me, helped me become more independent, with a greater appreciation of what I have."
Laura Dennis, Southland Girls' High School, Invercargill; Youth to Everest, April 2017
"A very big thank you to you and the team for the most wonderful, well organised trip to Nepal.  Laura has come home buzzing...lots of experiences to hear about and amazing photos and friendships have been made throughout New Zealand.  Please pass on to all involved our appreciation for their efforts in helping Laura to gain a lifetime of special memories from YTE."
Fiona Dennis (parent), Invercargill; Youth to Everest, April 2017
"He came back home comparing lifestyles - how we have everything yet are never satisfied, and stress is a major factor in our lives.  How Nepalese people have the basics and family are always smiling and don't seem stressed.  Quite a profound observation for a 16yr old.  He is struggling with what he sees around him since he has been back.  Thank you for giving him the opportunity and experience; he got so much out of it."
Rhonda Swainson (parent), Whangarei; Youth to Everest, April 2017
"I travelled with John Gully and Everest Treks in November 2016 to make a documentary about an ancestor of mine, Alexander Kallis, who was involved in mountaineering in the 1920s. I was most impressed with their organisation, quality of accommodation, food, and Sherpa staff. I thoroughly recommend them if you are considering venturing to Nepal."
Sir John Kirwan, Auckland, November 2016 

"I was on the YTE trip in 2003.  I remember it being tough at times but I just want to pass on that my experience in Nepal was truly life changing and has led me down a path of curiosity and gratitude.  I am now working in international development including programmes in Nepal."
Hannah Cunneen, Ashburton, June 2016
"The memories I have from my experience in Nepal are still something that I frequently reminisce on.  This trip truly changed my perspective on the way we live and really encouraged me to respect what we have and how lucky we are.  It also made me think what "our world" lacks in comparison to the culture and society of the Sherpa."
Charlie Turner, Queenstown, June 2016
"The trip to Nepal was one of the highlights of my overseas experiences and I have returned home so much the richer from these observations and experiences.  I was really pleased to be immersed in the Sherpa and Nepali culture."
Jan Newbold, Teacher, Kristin College Auckland, June 2016
Follow this link to an interview with one of our YTE2015 trekkers following her receiving her DoE Gold Award: https://youtu.be/Gl5vznPTcFQ   
Alysha Johnson, Avondale College, Auckland; Youth to Everest, April 2015
"One of the best aspects of the trip was experiencing a new place with new cultures, with people I didn't know."
Mia Turner, King's College, Auckland; Youth to Everest, April 2014
"I loved seeing how the Sherpa people live; it really opened my eyes to know how lucky I am."
Rachel Cooper, Christchurch Girl's High School; Youth to Everest, April 2014
"I loved seeing the beautiful Himalaya and the amazing culture of the Sherpa people, along with interacting with the Sherpa people and forming friendships with them."
Danny Cheng, ACG Senior College, Auckland: Youth to Everest, April 2014
"We absolutely loved our trip.  We have been travelling for five months now and this was definitely the highlight."
Sarah Nolan and Alistair Mitchell, London; Everest Base Camp, October 2013
"Fabulous experience, challenging at times, which is what I came for.  Great support from the Sherpa staff."
Doreen Walden, Auckland; Everest Base Camp, May 2013
"Great to reach Base Camp.  Highlights - the people we met, including Ang Dooli, and the variety of food."
Andrew Walden, Auckland; Everest Base Camp, May 2013
"I met new people, experienced a new culture, and trekked an amazing part of the world."
Alexis Ross, St Kentigern College, Auckland; Youth to Everest, April 2013
"I got to meet some amazing people and developed my confidence levels."
Sophie MacAskill, Sacred Heart College, Lower Hutt; Youth to Everest, April 2013
"I found at times my physical ability was challenged and I enjoyed pushing myself to do more; I met some wonderful people."
Hollie-Rose Brommer, Katikati College; Youth to Everest, April 2013

"Youth To Everest challenged me to meet new people, experience new culture and learn so much about myself in only two weeks."

Rachel Mataira, Auckland Diocesan School; Youth to Everest, April 2012
"No words can describe what it felt like when I was in the Khumbu.  It has been the most life changing experience ever seeing how different people live their lives."
Julia Berntsen, Trident High School, Whakatane; Youth to Everest, April 2012
"I will never take simple things in life for granted again.  A simple challenge of turning on a hot tap is a privilege I never thought I had."
Dylan Lee, Scots College, Wellington; Youth to Everest, April 2012
"I contributed positively to the people of Nepal while learning about them and their culture."
Zac Thomas, Gore High School; Youth to Everest, April 2012
"Reflecting back we all had a life experience we never knew existed, so thanks John."
Butch, Maree and Jodi Goodwin, Nelson; Everest Base Camp, March 2012
"After such a fantastic trip it is hard to get back in to a routine.  Thanks for making it such a great experience."
Alan Clanachan, Remuera; Everest Base Camp, October 2011
"I loved my Youth to Everest trip because it helped me grow physically, mentally and socially"
Kenny Tang, ACG Senior College, Auckland; Youth to Everest, April 2011
"I made some amazing friendships on this trip of a lifetime; I loved the cultural aspect and the trekking."
Ashley Robb, Wakatipu High School; Youth to Everest, April 2011
"I’m still on a high. The Youth to Everest trip was everything I wished it to be and more. The logistics, planning, food and the whole rounded trip was the very best."
Cyn Smith, Director, Tihoi Venture School, St Paul’s Collegiate, Hamilton; Youth to Everest, April 2011
"This has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life; we met amazing people, and experienced a culture like no other. I recommend it to everyone!"
Kendra Blumsky, Samuel Marsden Collegiate; Youth to Everest, April 2010
"The all-inclusive nature of the trip, and the superb arrangements, meant all we had to focus on was finding enough oxygen to get us up Kala Pathar; and we got there!"
Mark and Angela Horridge; Everest Base Camp, October 2009

“This was an experience that rewarded me in so many different ways. I was challenged, fascinated and humbled, and it will all stay with me for the rest of my life.”

Gemma Wragg, Ashburton College; Youth to Everest, April 2009

“I loved experiencing the fascinating culture and I loved the passion of our group leaders.”

Owen Connors, Nelson College; Youth to Everest, April 2009

“The trip was the most incredible thing I have ever done. We met inspirational people and saw the most unbelievable scenery.”

Natasha Nassenstein, Diocesan School Auckland; Youth to Everest, April 2009  

“I met some amazing people, and saw the most spectacular mountains; I have a place in my heart for the Sherpa’s and Porters we met. It was an unforgettable experience”. 

Jaimee Comesky, Christchurch Girls High School; Youth to Everest, April 2009

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Experience of a lifetime! Best three weeks of my life with some amazing memories. If you get the chance to go, go!
Kate Gueorgieff, Solway College, Wairarapa; Youth to Everest, April 2008

“I was absolutely amazed by the whole Himalaya region, and have even found a new love for yaks! The people were amazing too, and the other trekkers such great company and made the trip what it was. Simply, I'm in love with Nepal!”
Shannon Pevreal, Otorohonga College; Youth to Everest, April 2008

“Thanks for making the trip a lifetime memory; one day I will be back.”
Hayley Mahon, Wanaka

“I saw amazing beauty, I learnt to be humble and to appreciate my family and friends, also the simple things in life.”
Dr Gayl Robinson, Caymen Islands

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to go to Nepal. It was truly amazing, even the times I struggled!”
Louise Smit, Christchurch

Many of our students have participated in the Youth to Everest program over several years; I am most impressed with the organisation and high standard of John Gully and Everest Treks. The benefit to our students, and the fun they have had, is immeasurable.”
Graham Robinson, Deputy Principal, Hamilton Boys High School

“You have a depth of experience and an excellent knowledge of the area; you provide as standard what most companies consider extras.”
Jan Wilson, Brisbane

“You have developed a love and affinity with the Sherpa people, resulting in a greeting from almost every Sherpa met on the trail, and a welcome at all lodges and villages.”
John Carter, Auckland

“As well as being extremely experienced John clearly has enormous love and respect for the area, the Sherpas and their culture. This reflects in the local projects in which Everest Treks is involved, and in the way the trek is arranged.”
Catherine Nursaw, London